Translate Waray and Tagalog?

Luke Magluke Asked: Translate Waray and Tagalog?

Hello, we are wanting to translate a message in which one friend is confiding in another. The author of the message is married and we believe the message discusses her secret lover and is asking her friend to tell them its over. We think/hope she is breaking off her online affair or is she reluctant to break it off and she doesn't really love her husband?

Dere pa nag promise ako ha iya nga dere na ako mag contact hit usa deda gin delete ko an iya mga info. besan iya telephono…please pakisednga deda hit usa nga dere na ako maka contact ha iya tapos sidnga hiya nga e block ako iya FaceBook bangin hiya kontakon hit usa ko dede ayoko nang golo. Nagpakiana an usa ko dede kon hino it maaram hine nga amon relasyon gin sering ko nga akon mga sangkay dere maaram ayaw nala deda hin arengasa nga maaram ka ok please.


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