i want to watch the abs cbn news southern tagalog tv patrol episode july 24 2011?

ht Freerider Asked: i want to watch the abs cbn news southern tagalog tv patrol episode july 24 2011?

Dude man why would you seriously hate being Filipino?

The Philippines was named after King Philip. the guy who discovered it in the 1500…

The philippines is the 5th most english speaking country in the world.

besides india, thats more than any other asian country.

Filipinos have the best dancers in the world. ABDC champions. Jabbawockeez most of them are Filipinos.

In addition to them we also have Quest Crew, Philippine All stars, kaba crew… which are filipino too.

Pretty much all governments in the south eastern asia are corrupt.. so what?

You probably dont know enoough about the philippines to be proud of it. I suggest you go to the philippines more often…


David H Answered:
You should neither hate or be ashamed of what you are. You are descended from 2 of the best cultures in the world. I have spent considerable time in both China and Philippines and although the governments in both are not the best, the people are wonderful. They still have strong family ties and enjoy getting together with friends and neighbors and it doesn't have to cost money. I would say that on the average, the people in both China and Philippines are happier than people are in the USA.

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